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About Brad Faber

Brad Faber is an author and illustrator from Grand Rapids, Michigan, who graduated from a local private university, Aquinas College, in 2013.


One of Brad’s greatest passions and joys is expressing himself through his intricate artworks and drawings, making each of his creations more special and unique than the last.


Not everyone can be a true artist, and Brad’s precise attention to detail is revealed in his specialty cartoon illustrations. He wrote and illustrated his first book, Octagon John Goes to Mars in 2020. 


When working on his illustrations for fictional storybooks, Brad ensures that each character’s appearance is consistently expressed throughout the entire book. This is especially important for the audience because they associate each illustration to each character, and they expect the figures to appear the same throughout the story.


While Brad enjoys exhibiting his drawings in color, he can also provide black and white illustrations. 


At the moment, Brad’s colored illustrations are created with Manga markers or colored pencils however, eventually, he plans to present his creations digitally and in watercolor.


In the future, Brad has high aspirations for himself as he hopes to help traditional and self-published authors with the illustrations for their children’s books.

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